13 November 2012

Updated Studio

Now that I have more time to focus on my studio practice and environment, I've spent the last couple of weeks taming the chaos of the studio. I usually do a quick clean of the studio each time I return from a break, but this fall a major overhaul was in order.

This year I began using my drawing/sewing/framing upstairs studio for my new acrylic paintings. At the time, I just jumped in despite not having a practical painting set up. Over the summer, it became more cramped as I added a second easel and worked on bigger paintings.

Here the sewing table is turned into the paint & palette surface, also sporting small paintings in progress. The drafting table was a kind of catch all. Behind the easels are the matte cutter and flat files.

Now, after some table wrangling, three spaces have been updated and made more user friendly; the office now has a better work flow using a table from the downstairs studio, the downstairs studio now has booth sewing machines and all the stuff that goes with that and the upstairs studio now looks like this:

I know as I work this fall, it will have a more "worked in" feel, but it's great to have a clean and welcoming space.

For me, a clean studio let's me focus on the work with fresh, uncluttered mind and I feel more responsive to the work when there is an openness to my space.

How about you, how do you like your studio space?

10 November 2012

Nice reminder

I found this video from the Doug Aitken exhibition The Source at the Tate Liverpool, which looks like an amazing exhibition! The interviews in the online videos in this exhibition are all about what sparks creativity.

Architect Liz Diller talks about creativity and experimentation this way
"...what it takes to do creative work is naivete....if you're curious and you're naive, you step off the cliff often without a parachute or anything; and you find yourself in trouble and then you work your way out of it."


find out more about the exhibition here