25 January 2012

subtle suggestions

Many times when I am working, subtle changes take place. Much of the work I have been doing throughout this residency has this quality - still, there are the days when I throw it all out and try something really different.

Some of the things I have been looking at involve the varied uses of media, materials and tools while working with shapes, pattering and negative space in different ways. 

Inspiration is all around in Seaside - colors here are just amazing (the sky, water and sunsets), this winter  beach is different each moment every day and so is the weather... I'm noticing that the subtlety found here is finding it's way into my studio work.


shadows from Karla & I walking on the beach

2010 Texas Poet Laureate, Karla Morton

more sand patterns, no dark cirlces this day
lines produced by the surf

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