31 January 2012

good bye to Seaside

cypress on Western Lake -an inlet lake

This residency inspired me in so many ways and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to be among a wonderful group of people.

My fellow escapees Molly Murphy, Karla Morton, David Wayne Reed, Vanessa Olivarez, Elizabeth Elkins, & Charrissa Terranova plus the dedicated E2C board Marsha Dowler, Karen Holland, Jane Crews and Cathy Toole made this an incredible and memorable month. Plus, George the cat was always around to keep me company...

I heart George
beached man-o-war

More shapes and forms to think about in the studio...

"Escaping" allowed me to relax, immerse myself in the creative space and achieve the goals I had set for myself. I spent time experimenting in new ways and with new materials - it will be interesting to see what all this will mean for my studio practice.

For me, there is something in the rhythm of the waves, the cycles of tides, the smell of the sea air that reaches deep inside allowing me to let go and create.  
E2C has been such a gift....

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