28 November 2011

Thoughts about my upcoming residency

Some of you may be wondering what happens at a residency...
A residency is about dedicated time for an artist to develop and work on new concepts, experiment with new ideas, or focus on a specific project - often in a setting with other artists who can offer feedback and support. A retreat of sorts - it is not a professional conference, nor is there a training component.

During my residency, I plan to experiment with new ideas for my mixed media drawings.  By pushing myself to try new techniques and approaches to my art making I hope to challenge the limits of the materials while focusing on line & form (pleating,  folding and sewing paper forms; embroidery techniques onto papers of various weights and strengths, finding the balance of more vs less, etc). I know that the concepts I develop during this time will provide insight for continued developments in both my drawing & painting practice.

And then you might ask, why Kickstarter?
Many artists/writers/musicians/performing artists often write grants to receive financial assistance for this type of research and development through various sources including  state art commissions, local art councils, or privately funded art granting agencies/non-profits. In 2010, I wrote a grant proposal and received funding support from Arts KC for an installation project.

For this residency, I chose to try my hand at direct fundraising (Kickstarter plus a local event) to help offset the costs because I had seen it work for other artists with similar goals. For me, it is a more personal way to reach those who are interested in my work and those who support the project can choose to receive artwork exploring those new ideas!

I’m so excited to have dedicated time for exploring new ideas (no distractions from home/office). I feel fortunate to have the support of friends and patrons, because without it, I would not be able to attend. So a big THANK YOU to all who helped to make this a reality!