13 April 2010

Finally some finished pieces to post.

I've been busy working on several new pieces for our first few shows coming up. I have should have ten new paintings including these four that are 12" x 12" and 3 larger diptychs!

10 April 2010

pretty colors

Thought I'd share these lovely paint drips which are the result of lots of painting in the studio!

06 April 2010

the find!

A few months ago I scored this lot of vintage silver drawing pencils!

I had been looking for vintage Schwan silver pencils; somehow I had two in my pencil collection with no idea where they came from. They are a hard lead compared to the colored silver pencils now in art stores (I've tried them all) and give a nice fine line. I still have one left, but that put on the search for some more.

So then I found this lot of Eagle silver pencils on Ebay,  all in the original boxes.  I thought I'd give them a try, they were very affordable considering the quantity (especially compared to buying individual artist pencils). I feel really lucky! They are just what I was looking for in a silver colored pencil. They sharpen nicely, have a hard lead and give a great line! And I can't believe I have 9 dozen of them!