29 March 2010

more works in progress

I've been keeping busy in the studio getting ready for upcoming shows.
Here is a piece with more circle clusters. To reveal the circles, I work the scraping in several stages.

Step 1, carve the pattern into the surface.

Step 2, fill in carved circles with wax color.

Step 3, let cool a bit then scrap away extra wax. (work too soon and all my carefully drawn circles will mush together if still too hot)

 Step 4, using torch and scraper, carefully remove remaining extra wax.

Step 5, continue painting....

Total time for just this process is 4 - 5 hours... a bit more or less depending on the size of the pattern.
Okay, time to get back to work!

16 March 2010

look ma, new colors!

So, I've been busy prepping new panels with under-painting (something newish this year) and drawing. I only use the iron for setting in the first application of wax. I think it is great for saturating the panel with the wax to create a great bond without scorching the surface (which I tend to do with the torch or heat gun).

Notice that the paint brushes are missing from the scene - I have cleaned up for the night. I usually do the ironing at the end of the night as it really creates a lot fumes in the studio despite the vent I have going.

I happily made some colored paint both to replenish some of my favorites that are all but gone and to create some new shades to play with. Being a compulsive recycler, I re-use all of my scrap wax, which I sort by color first, to use as the base for most of the colors. I have a few more colors in the works, but here are the ones I've made so far....

02 March 2010

new website up!!

Woohoo!! Finally my new and up to date website!
(well mostly! I still need to add the mini section)

Let me know what you think!!

01 March 2010

A nice article about my work

Steve Brisendine wrote this article back in December, but I just now found an updated link to it on Review's website.

Subtle Shadings in Language

(This is the image from the article.)