23 November 2010

holiday art sale

Please join me and this group of talented, local artists for a Holiday Art Sale!

featuring KC artists:
Derrick Breidenthal
Alex Robinson
E. Spencer Schubert
Cheryl Gail Toh
Heinrich Toh

December 4 & 5th
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-5

located in the West Bottoms at: 
Station A Studios
1231 Union Ave
KCMO 64101

Get Waxy a success!!

My workshop earlier this month was such fun for both my students and I! We had delicious meals, cozy rooms and plenty of studio time to experiment with getting waxy!
painting, fusing and more!

some works in progress

Harveyville Project, hosted by Nikol and Ron, provided a reprieve from the distractions of daily life and was the perfect backdrop to immerse ourselves in the wonders of encaustic painting.

Nikol busy making a fab meal!

Looking forward to returning to the Harveyville Project for another workshop in the spring - more details to come!

21 August 2010

Encaustic Workshop November 4-7th

I have worked out the details (at least the most important ones: date, location, web page...) now it's official!!
Check out my fall Encaustic Workshop at the Harveyville Project!!
I'm so excited!! A four day art retreat in the Flint Hills of Kansas, won't you join me for the fun?

GET WAXYclick here for details

carving into wax for inlay

Please feel free to pass this along to those who might be interested!


31 May 2010

my new sign

My friend Dylan (check out a link to his website in the column on the right) hand lettered this sweet new sign for me last fall. If left up to me, I would have used some stencils since I have serious trouble with penmanship. I painted it with some of my new colors and have been thrilled to have it for my shows (really, it makes me grin every time I see it)!

Speaking of shows, check out my updated schedule to see where I'll be next!

08 May 2010

some install pics from my KCAC show

Thanks to everyone who came to see my show at the Kansas City Artist Coalition!!

Here are some pictures from the installation of my show. I'm so happy with the way it all turned out! If you haven't had a chance to see it, the show is up until June 18th - so please be sure to stop by!

Kansas City Artist Coalition
201 Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO 64105

considering the layout

moving things around to get the right flow

measuring and hanging the final two pieces

05 May 2010

Solo show this Friday in KC!

I installed my show at the Kansas City Artist Coalition yesterday!  With install assistance from my very patient husband, my new series of drawings is on display in the Charno Gallery from Friday, May 7th through June 18th.

Please stop by for the opening this Friday from 5-8pm!

Kansas City Artist Coalition
201 Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO 64105

13 April 2010

Finally some finished pieces to post.

I've been busy working on several new pieces for our first few shows coming up. I have should have ten new paintings including these four that are 12" x 12" and 3 larger diptychs!

10 April 2010

pretty colors

Thought I'd share these lovely paint drips which are the result of lots of painting in the studio!

06 April 2010

the find!

A few months ago I scored this lot of vintage silver drawing pencils!

I had been looking for vintage Schwan silver pencils; somehow I had two in my pencil collection with no idea where they came from. They are a hard lead compared to the colored silver pencils now in art stores (I've tried them all) and give a nice fine line. I still have one left, but that put on the search for some more.

So then I found this lot of Eagle silver pencils on Ebay,  all in the original boxes.  I thought I'd give them a try, they were very affordable considering the quantity (especially compared to buying individual artist pencils). I feel really lucky! They are just what I was looking for in a silver colored pencil. They sharpen nicely, have a hard lead and give a great line! And I can't believe I have 9 dozen of them!

29 March 2010

more works in progress

I've been keeping busy in the studio getting ready for upcoming shows.
Here is a piece with more circle clusters. To reveal the circles, I work the scraping in several stages.

Step 1, carve the pattern into the surface.

Step 2, fill in carved circles with wax color.

Step 3, let cool a bit then scrap away extra wax. (work too soon and all my carefully drawn circles will mush together if still too hot)

 Step 4, using torch and scraper, carefully remove remaining extra wax.

Step 5, continue painting....

Total time for just this process is 4 - 5 hours... a bit more or less depending on the size of the pattern.
Okay, time to get back to work!

16 March 2010

look ma, new colors!

So, I've been busy prepping new panels with under-painting (something newish this year) and drawing. I only use the iron for setting in the first application of wax. I think it is great for saturating the panel with the wax to create a great bond without scorching the surface (which I tend to do with the torch or heat gun).

Notice that the paint brushes are missing from the scene - I have cleaned up for the night. I usually do the ironing at the end of the night as it really creates a lot fumes in the studio despite the vent I have going.

I happily made some colored paint both to replenish some of my favorites that are all but gone and to create some new shades to play with. Being a compulsive recycler, I re-use all of my scrap wax, which I sort by color first, to use as the base for most of the colors. I have a few more colors in the works, but here are the ones I've made so far....

02 March 2010

new website up!!

Woohoo!! Finally my new and up to date website!
(well mostly! I still need to add the mini section)

Let me know what you think!!

01 March 2010

A nice article about my work

Steve Brisendine wrote this article back in December, but I just now found an updated link to it on Review's website.

Subtle Shadings in Language

(This is the image from the article.)

22 February 2010

some work in progress

Here's a commission I've been working on and it still have a ways to go before it feels done...

Plus I'm working on these 12 x 12" pieces in between. It feels great to be in the studio and seeing things come to life!

08 January 2010

and for 2010

Happy 2010!
This year has started off great and I have been busy with so many new things. I have been reorganizing our space and will have a dedicated room for drawing, sewing and framing. I am currently in the midst of re-designing my website, which will hopefully make it easier to see the true color of the work.

Thanks to an Inspiration grant from ArtsKC, I was awarded partial funding towards my new installation project! This new project will use clay and mixed media. I now need to get some clay and test which kind I want to use. Plus, I need to get creative in finding more funding to make this project happen. click here to see the list of awardees.

I also have work up at Room 39 in KCMO
Tuesday, January 5, 2010 through
Sunday, February 28, 2010
reception: January 31st from 3-9pm.

1719 W. 39th Street
Kansas City, MO

see details here